Employee events are up to 2-3% of corporate spend

Drive visibility and savings over your largest unmanaged spend category, for the first time

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Trusted by the world’s leading companies

70% of your event volume happens outside of your events team

A giant hidden spend category

Employee-driven events like team offsites, training, and customer dinners often cost over $10,000 a pop and add up to 2-3% of your total indirect spend

Budgets, approvals, and more

Bizly provides a fully automated system for creating dynamic budgets, approval workflows, and expense management for employee-events

Fully integrated in your world

Bizly’s data is easily integrated into your spend and expense management systems, onsite office and facilities systems, and more

Easy to roll out and use

Bizly is configured and rolled out seamlessly in hours, not weeks. Bizly is the easiest solution for anyone to use, from admin assistants to interns.

Bizly Reporting

Bizly’s reporting and analytics system provides you with the intelligence to stay on top of your workplace and build the future