The right budget for every event type

Assign a unique budget for each use case and streamline approvals

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The right budgeting system for events

When universal rules don’t apply

Pre-approved budgets

Bizly’s templates automate pre-approved budgets for each use case.  Because we all know an executive briefing has a different budget than an internal training!


Trigger approvals

When events go above budget, Bizly makes it easy to notify the right approver and secure rapid approval

Final spend tracking

Bizly’s spend management system tracks estimated and final spend vs budget, every time

Virtual card integrations

When you turn on virtual card integrations, you can streamline the entire approval and payment process from start-to-finish

A significant share of our spend is around small and simple meetings. Bizly provided an overall solution that achieved user adoption and solved some key challenges for us.

Cindy Heston

Director, Travel and Events Anthem Insurance

Bizly Reporting

Bizly’s reporting and analytics system provides you with the intelligence to stay on top of your workplace and build the future