Design Events
Like a Pro

Build your perfect event. Match with your perfect venue. Send invitations and manage RSVPs. Measure and repeat.

Comprehensive Venue Network

Find your ideal space from an extensive nationwide network of over 15,000 venues.

Invitation & RSVP Management

Send beautifully designed invitations, reminders and surveys to your guests.

Smart Templates

Select from dozens of pre-designed events, from client dinners to team building, and get expert recommendations.

Increase Productivity
& Compliance

From streamlining booking and planning to getting the best price on venues, we drive efficiencies across the board.

Seamless Booking

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and endless email threads. Message directly with venues to build the custom event that’s perfect for you.

No Hidden Fees

Ensure you’re getting venue packages at the lowest cost by negotiating directly (we charge no commission fees).

Automated Compliance

Get all of the spend visibility and management controls your company requires — preferred venue selection, contracts, payments, approvals: now all automated.

Measure the Impact

Track key data points on spend, savings, attendance and event satisfaction, so you can always understand and optimize event ROI.

Powerful Reporting

Aggregate metrics on response rates, attendance and spend to uncover what works, and where there’s opportunity for improvement.

Expert Recommendations

Get tips and tricks on how to improve event ROI based on learnings across thousands of events.

Attendee Satisfaction Tracking

Survey attendees to capture sentiment score right after your event.

List Your
Venue on Bizly

Tap into our Fortune 500 customer base and maximize revenue on your small event spaces.
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Smarter Lead Sourcing

No more wasting time with “ghost RFPs”. Message directly with clients and provide personalized care.

Create Your Unique Listing

Bizly displays all the content planners need to make a rapid decision.

Build Valuable Relationships & Data

Message directly with clients to build custom events, and generate robust data.