Playbook & Chill.

Access a library of expert-crafted meeting playbooks to get your team inspired, brainstorm on the next big thing, or just get things done!


challenge of remote work is connection and collaboration


of meetings are unproductive and inefficient


of people don’t receive formal training on how to conduct a meeting

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Why Bizly?

Teams count on group experiences to drive productivity, culture, and growth. Isn't it time to give them the expertise to become the conductors of success?

A Simple Meeting Planning Workspace.

Bizly serves up all the ingredients you need for a successful group experience in a playbook. Every playbook includes an expert-crafted agenda with recommended resources, branded communications and a way to measure success.

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The Right Apps.

Bizly's marketplace makes it easy for you to find and discover the best apps to make your meeting experience complete.
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What people are saying about Bizly.

You created my dream solution. Incredibly efficient, reliable, and easy to navigate.
Brayden McClesky
Brayden McClesky
User Group Manager
Bizly was a home run for our distributed team. We all work remote and frequently organize local meetings. Bizly makes it incredibly easy.
Francine Burke
Francine Burke
Ethis Communications
A significant share of our spend is around small and simple meetings. Bizly provided an overall solution that achieved user adoption and solved some key challenges for us.
Cindy Heston
Cindy Heston
Director, Travel and Events
Anthem Insurance

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