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Creating a new paradigm for DIY events

What if everyone could be a great event planner?

From unnecessary complexity to clunky builds and processes, traditional event software blocks progress rather than accelerates it

At Bizly, we're reimagining event software by combining the full-stack of required features with beautiful, simple design that gives teams more self-enablement and control, and better outcomes -- transforming small events into the soul-center of your organization

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Our story

Meetings and events are foundational to every company's culture, but most people are not trained on how to run great meetings and events.

Ronak Shah (CEO)

In 2016, our founding team Ronak Shah (CEO), Tor Miller (CTO), and Bryan Plofsky (Head of CS) created Bizly in order to simplify everything related to building great events -- and to empower anyone to do it. This aim drives everything we do at Bizly.

Tor Miller (CTO)
Bryan Plofsky (Head of CS)

We believe the key to our success as a company is about empowering our team, our customers, our marketplace, and our community - day after day.


Empowerment by default

Empowering is a critical part of everyone's work at Bizly -- from our diligent developers, support professionals, and our GTM teams. All employees are encouraged to experiment, learn, voice their opinions, give an open ear... and prioritize quality.

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