Improve event outcomes

Get full visibility into all the small/simple events and save money

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Trusted by the world’s leading companies

Small/simple meetings are your largest category of unmanaged spend

One unified view of all your event spend

Consolidate reporting with a macro view of event budgets, actual spend, attendance, sustainability, preferred venue usage, and more

Insights that help you save

Get the best price on events

Detect gaps in preferred venue coverage, policy, and market coverage.  Get insights that help you rapidly improve your travel and events program

Customize your own reports

Bizly’s in-app dashboard allows you to customize and export reports.  Fine-tune reporting around your needs.

Connect all your data sources

Bizly’s data API can feed into any third party data warehouse of your choosing.  Or you can plug your event data sources into Bizly.  Works seamlessly with Cvent, Domo, PowerBI, and many other systems

Bizly Reporting

Bizly’s reporting and analytics system provides you with the intelligence to stay on top of your workplace and build the future