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Contract hotel room blocks, reduce attrition, and save money

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The modern hotel room block solution

Use Bizly to source, book, and manage group accommodations

Source like a pro

Bizly makes it easy to source hotel room blocks across over 80,000 hotels globally. Enjoy the fastest venue response time in the market and streamlined contract and payments.

Save on room blocks

Bizly enables you to load in your preferred venues, negotiated rates, and provides pricing intelligence (from TripBAM and its own internal data points), to drive savings

Pickup reports

Bizly’s registration solution tracks usage of your room block, enables seamless follow-up, and reduces attrition risks.

Multiple payment methods

Bizly supports “master pay” room blocks.  “Individual pay” room block management is coming soon.  Virtual payment integrations make it all seamless.

With Bizly, we’re able to source and flip a hotel meeting contract in 2 days rather than 2 weeks! Do you know how much savings that is?

Mira Rosenzweig

Global Travel Manager, Pinterest

Bizly Reporting

Bizly’s reporting and analytics system provides you with the intelligence to stay on top of your workplace and build the future