When the Perfect Meeting Room Has a Bed

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11 Jan 2022
5 min read

Gild Hall Hotel, Penthouse Suite

Really, a suite? Yes. Sometimes, a hotel suite is the best venue for a meeting. The living room feel of a suite can enhance certain types of meetings and offer benefits not available in traditional meeting rooms. Plus, when a suite makes sense, choices expand — a number of smaller hotels may not have meeting/event space but do offer appropriates suites.

Here are six scenarios when a suite is the perfect meeting solution:

  1. A sleeping room is required. Rather than book both meeting and sleeping rooms, it can be more economical to book the suite and use it for both.
  2. The group is small. Small groups thrive in informal settings. However, if your group is larger than eight to 12, the seating may not accommodate everyone.
  3. A more intimate conversation is appropriate. The feel of a suite will be more relaxed than a traditional boardroom, for example.
  4. Your group would benefit from lounge space. Aside from the table, most suites include a seating area, which can be perfect for breaks and more casual conversations.
  5. Your meetings extend into unconventional hours. The suite can be perfect for late-night industries like entertainment.
  6. Your group requires special security or privacy. Most hotels are better able to offer this on sleeping room floors than on the public meetings/events floors.

When booking a suite instead of a meeting room, consider a few factors. Taxes and fees may be different (and higher) than those for traditional meeting rooms. Check on A/V and food/beverage requirements to ensure your needs can be met. Confirm the layout. In some hotels, you may ask for the bed to be removed (for a fee).

Keep the hotel suite option tucked away in your brain: It’s a solution that may be just right for your next meeting.

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