Thriving in 2023

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11 Jan 2022
5 min read

Looking Forward to 2023? 

Bizly’s Chief Customer Officer, Kevin Iwamoto GLP, GTP, shares his top Five Things to Consider

  1. The desire for human face-to-face interaction is driving a return to in person events, however, the advancement of technology in the virtual and hybrid space isn't going away. It’s rapidly scaling to conform to the new norms of the meetings and events industries.
  2. Pre-pandemic, content for conferences was king; now it's also about the overall attendee experiences.
  3. The newest generational workforce entering the meetings and events industries will continue to drive DEI and sustainability - they are making both a rite of passage and top priority for the world they are inheriting. The race to achieve sustainability targets worldwide is also driving urgency.
  4. Stay flexible! With inflation, supply chain shortages, labor shortages, the pandemic, new potential health crisis outbreaks, and the potential for more global conflicts, we all must remain flexible to adapt to whatever comes our way.
  5. Embrace change management! Changes are inevitable in life, and to survive and succeed personally and professionally, we must always maintain an open mind and learn to accept change.

Happy New Year!