How to Get Your Best Work Done When Traveling

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11 Jan 2022
5 min read

If you’re an entrepreneur or work at a startup, then traveling is bound to be a big part of your job. When you’re on the go, getting work done can be a bit tricky, but with these tips you can stay productive and even sneak in work on your downtime. Here are some tricks and tips to help you out:

Take a break and find inspiration: Steven Rosenbaum, a serial entrepreneur and founder of Waywire, likes to find places that take his mind to new directions, even when his travel plans are jam packed with back-to-back meetings. You can, too! Wherever you’re traveling, do some work in a place you find inspiring, rather than fitting everything in at the airport or your hotel room.

Save all writing for the plane: Jess Ekstrom, CEO of, loves air time to get her writing and e-mails done. Since you’re out of service for some of the flight, it’s a great way to truly unplug and laser focus on any writing or e-mails you have to get done, and just send them out when you land.

Develop a morning routine: For days you’ll be traveling, it’s important to establish an effective morning routine for yourself (or maintain the one you have at home) so that you and your body don’t fall out of sync. Kara Goldin, founder of HintWater, starts each morning on the road with a ritual — a latte, mug of hot water with lemon, and a hike.

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