Bizly and Cvent

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11 Jan 2022
5 min read

Small meetings are more important than ever. It doesn’t matter whether you have a fullyremote workforce or you’re back to having employees in-office full-time — small meetingsare a critical part of getting work done.

That’s why I’m excited to share some recent news we announced last month that Bizly isnow available to Cvent customers via an integration and a listing on the Cvent AppMarketplace.

What this means for customers is a more seamless transition between the Cvent meetingrequest form and Bizly.

It also means powerful data consolidation. Users will be able to combine all their event andmeeting data — for both large, complex events and small, simple ones — into their Cventaccount for a unified, holistic view of their organization’s total event program.Bizly was founded on the idea that anyone organizing a meeting should be able to do iteasily and avoid having to jump through the hoops associated with finding andcommunicating with venues, contracting, and paying. This newest integration furthers thatmission by making it easier for customers to manage any kind of meeting or eventseamlessly across the Cvent and Bizly platforms.

Here are some of the other benefits that come with the integration:

● Cvent users can enter Bizly from the meeting request form (MRF), import contacts,and consolidate and match Bizly data into their preferred tool● Business leaders can trust that meeting owners are following protocols● Finance teams can capture data for better budget reconciliation and reporting● Users can build their own meetings with Bizly’s built-in guidance and conciergesupport● Cvent customers (who opt into the integration) can extend Bizly access to theircompany users

The integration is now live. Initially, Bizly customers will be able to link data from a Cventinstance directly into the small meetings platform through various APIs. As with everythingwe do at Bizly, we’ll continue to work to expand the capabilities of this integration based onthe evolving needs of the market and our customers.

To see the Bizly-Cvent integration in action, book a demo with our team.