The world we live in has entirely changed.

Instead of sitting idle waiting for travel and venue bookings to return, we decided to take action — and we’re here to help you do the same. The world has gone virtual overnight creating the need for greater management of this domain. Small group gatherings will be the first to return making it essential to have a process in place to protect employee health & safety. We set out to make all of this simple and self-service (especially at a time when nothing feels simple).

Share virtual meeting best practices.

Ensure employees are using the appropriate video conferencing solutions, and share pre-filled user guidance to improve the experience.
Share virtual meeting best practices

Self-service registration for hybrid meetings.

Plan for how many will attend in-person or virtually to ensure social distancing guidelines are followed.

Event Registration

Event Registration
Event Registration

Protect your organization in the event of cancellation.

Plan for uncertainty by standardizing company cancellation policies for easy access by admins when planning small meetings.
Protect your organization in the event of cancellation

Manage compliance with health & safety guidelines.

Ensure meeting organizers have your company’s health & safety guidelines at their fingertips when booking venues for small meetings.
Manage compliance with health & safety guidelines

Gain visibility into virtual & small meetings

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